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During one of my visits to a “talk” – gathering of university professors and students – a very arrogant speaker began his ‘talk’ on the well-known double slit experiment. His premises were built on Aristotle’s potentia and actu and his target on how to discredit Richard Feynman.

Having killed Abel, the arrogant Cain defended his understanding of Aristotle as opposed to “Feynman misunderstanding of Aristotle.” At this point, I noticed that his poor judgment and limited research on Aristotle have led him to echo some of the terms used in Latin translations of Aristotelian terms. It appeared that the middle ages canonical translations, potentia-actualitas, and parts of the Latin Fathers use of them, i.e., possibilita-effecacia (effectus), have been so engraved in his little head that blinded him to the Greek terms dynamis-energia (not to mention the term entelechia).